NASDAQ's Earnings Transcript service is linked to SA's transcript service and states Access is Free (SA suggests the same), but it's not

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NASDAQ shows the first page of Colony NorthStar, Inc. (CLNS) Q3 2017 Earnings Conference Call Transcript.

At the end of the page it directs its readers to SA ("Read the rest of this transcript for free on seekingalpha.com." )

However, readers are unable to "Read the rest of this transcript for free on seekingalpha.com." (same issue for prior transcripts).


On the  SA Transcript page it states "Seeking Alpha is the pioneer in providing free earnings call transcripts, because we believe they provide significant value to our readers."



Those transcripts were published before Seeking Alpha added a paywall for archived content. Our current policy is that each company's latest transcript is available for free, but older transcripts require a paid subscription.

You will notice the latest transcripts on Nasdaq have a different text at the end of the transcript: