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The number of stocks I have in my portfolio extend beyond a single page (display screen) and I have to scroll all of the way to the bottom of the holdings screen to see my daily and total gains.  Please consider moving these totals to the top of the page above the column headers.  This would allow users to quickly sort on gain amounts to see top performers and totals on the same screen without having too sort then scroll all the way to the bottom of their holdings to see both.  This would apply to PC, iPhone and iPad.

  • Under review


If you go here:

and you click "Collapse All", you should see all your totals:

Does that work for you?


Daniel Hochman

VP Product, Seeking Alpha


Thanks for the reply but the intent of my suggestion is to be able to see individual stocks, their performance, and my gains/losses for the day. Collapsing everything doesn’t really work well for me since I need to see the individuals stocks. Rarely, if ever, do I use the app in “collapsed” mode. I did notice that the screen on my iPad has the totals at the top when it is in portrait orientation but with a keyboard attached I never use the iPad in any orientation other than landscape. Thanks again!