pop up stock ticker data is off the screen

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Until this past week, when the cursor is passed across a highlighted ticker symbol, a pop up window appeared, showing current price and daily movement.  The pop up now also contains news headlines, making the pop up box too large for the viewing window; it opens off the page.  It is impossible (and tedious to try) to move the embedded ticker symbol far enough down on the page to allow the pop up to be read.  Please restore the old pop-up - a quick check on the current price while you're reading analysis or news about a stock is very helpful.  A pop-up that is one third the size of the page, and still not big enough to display all the information in it is Just Poor Design.  Please fix...super annoying and driving me to other sites.


Totally agree! Seems more to get clicks on articles than provide the information to the customer. Please change it.

SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
  • Awaiting Customer Reply

Are you referring to this king of pop-up on news and articles?

It'll be great if you can provide us with a screenshot, for us to understand the issue better.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst