Why are you no longer notifying users of deleted posts?


In the past, a notification email was sent to notify posters that either their post had been directly deleted, or a post they replied to has been deleted. 

1.  This provided feedback to posters that they had said something inappropriate.

2.  This provided feedback to those who replied to the deleted post, that their post had been removed as it was part of a thread.

Now it's completely open-loop.  A moderator deletes a post.  The original poster is never notified.  The subsequent posters in the thread are never notified.  The only way to know if your post has been deleted is to look through your own comment history and notice that it's missing.

How is your current implementation a workable system for users?

How do you expect folks to adjust behavior when all of this deletion happens quietly?

There should be an auto-notification (web code) of deleted posts for the poster and all replies to the deleted post, with the reason stated in the email.