DIY Investing Summit - highjacks "daily email alerts from the authors I follow"

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The "New articles by people you follow" mail contains articless with the wrong authors.

e.g. today.


Dividend House

How And Why I Invest Like A Landlord (Dividend House)


This article is NOT by Dividen House but by DIY Investing Summit.

The fact that one of my authors is mentiones does not match the critiera for the email alert "Why are you receiving this? You subscribed to a daily email of articles by authors you are following on Seeking Alpha."

Very annoying - click and you are cheated ..


The linked article is only a promotion - not making things better


Thanks for the message, LongHouse, we appreciate the feedback.

The article is a 7-minute interview with Dividend House. When an author is featured as an interviewee subject, we usually add them as a co-author, as it's usually of interest to their followers. We will keep your point in mind.

This is the first time we're collaborating with the DIY Investing Summit, and we will take your point regarding the promotional aspects, it's a balance we are working to get right.

Thanks again for the comment,