How to use efficiently the Rank system


I recently took out a Premium membership and would really appreciate to have answer to the following questions in order to better use the information given.

1 - I was amazed at the significant variations in the ranking of stocks from one day to the next.

The fundamentals of companies do not change to the point that a stock ranked in the first disappears the day after from the ranking of the 55 top rated - example ENVA between August 17 and 18 when the stock did not behave abnormally ... Explanation please?

2 - In the rank column of Top rated stocks, does the order of the numbers suppose that the action classified 10 for example is better than that classified 12 or 13 even if they have the same Quant nuber and the Factor grade are about the same?

3 - how come that, in the Top Rated ranking of 08/18/21, BXC is ranked 3 while TX is ranked 2 although the TX Grade Factors are less good than those of BCX?

Could it be that the Authors and Wall Street rankings are more important to the final Quant rating than the Grade Factor?

4 - IMO, with an idea of ​​dividend growth, the most important factor grades are, in the order of Value, Profitability and Momentum. Is it correct?

5 - If we invest according to the Top Rated ranking, given the negligible cost of transactions, is it better to include (Buy)any new shares appearing in the ranking and sell those which disappear or have a lower quant?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience, knowing that this is not investment advice but information on how the system works.