Portfolio stock prices not displaying

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ditto.     Guess once again I'm getting what I paid for 

I can't see my Watchlist either but it is there


Hi All,

Unfortunately, our data provider is having another rough morning. They are working hard to resolve the issue on their end. Will update when we know more.



AT&T update on Android phone last week and don't receive portfolio list.  Could Android update be reason for not getting portfolio?

Same problem here

Notifications are posting multiple times, abd reappear after I delete them.


same problem. My watch stocks are not populating


Some portfolios are displayed, others are not; or the wrong stock symbols are displayed for a portfolio. Your site is essentially worthless if portfolio data doesn't display properly.


can not see my portfolio 

any one recommend another app?


I gave up n installed investing.com


for the 2nd day i can't see my portfolio 


I have the same problem in the app for android

Very frustrated!!!! Can't get my stock profolio for 2 days now!!!! 

will thos problem be fixed today?


The problem went away yesterday, but now it is back and cannot see any of my portfolios.

You wants to start changing $19 a month! 

Same and started today and still on my free trial. I will likely cancel subscription if this isn't sorted today.

Portfolio also gone today

I am not able to bring up my stock portfolio for quotes. All the other functions work.

can get portfolio in Windows, but not in Android, please fix

I have the same problem!

same thing. Portfolio disappeared.??? 

Same problem, portfolio with prices and daily changes +- are not displaying as of a few days ago. 

still have this same issue 

Fix this, it's been two days now! While using Android App only the news shows up and no followed stocks or prices, or if they do show up it's for one of my portfolios

Same here. My watch portfolio has not loaded for 2 days now.

Hi All,

Quick update. Our data provider has found the problem and has deployed a fix. It will take a few hours for the delays to disappear. Smaller portfolios should be loading fine now. Larger ones will start to load faster within a hour or so.

Thanks to everyone for being patient here. We know this can be super frustrating. You deserve better from us and we are going to review our backup policy to ensure this doesn't happen again.



The issue seems to be almost 100% resolved for most users. If you still are having issues 30 minutes from now, please feel free to repost here.

Under review

Hi and welcome,

We are having some issues with our data provider. It's not you. 

stk prices not displaying in sa app