Portfolio stock prices not displaying

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Portfolio won't show
Portfolio will not show??!!!
My portfolio is gone. Seeking Alpha hacked?
Portfolio gone
Stocks and prices not showing in portfolio
Portfolio missing.
The portfolio appears to be missing
No stock reports
Cannot open portfolio
I'm going to delete this app totally. Can't get quotes. Sick of this crap.
Cannot see my bp portfolio
Lost stocks 3 hrs ago
cant view portfolio
My portfolio does not show when I access portfolio
Portfolio list not showing?
Portfolio missing
Cant view portfolio.
Again problem this morning with viewing pottfolio
Prices not populating in portfolios. Market indices freeze
Not recieving notifications. Can see I have over 30 since yesterday but not showing.
No portfolio again
Not seeing my portfolio
Portfolio will not show
Portfolio not showing prices
Can't get my watch list to show
Not seeing portfolio list
Stock prices loadng issue continues.
Just did an update, page is getting stuck, my stock lists not coming up, seems to be the new ads causing the problem
Well looks like your site is screwed up again can I get my portfolio maybe you should buy some more servers
Solve portfolio issue ASAP since yesterday morning???
Watch list is not showing
portfolio is not updating
Cant see portfolio. Wont come up
Cannot see my portfolio.
Can't see my stocks
No Portfolio and no quoates
Notifications not populating in the app or on my iPhone
Why can we not get an answer to the disappearing portfolio dilemma
no stocks showing
Portfolio missing just like yesterday. What's happening and why?
Profile 1 stocks are not loading
No portfolio quotes showing no
Drop-down portfolio not working
My portfolio is not showing just the news is.
Should your users go to Yahoo Finance? They have never been down.
portfolio problem

Hi...am having trouble displaying my Portfolio in the app. Haven't had any problems til today. Any suggestions?

Got my portfolio back but it was a very early one and has nothing to do with the one that disappeared
My portfolio is gone
My portfolio does not appear
Can't see my profolio
I can't see my portfolio. I see news or notification instead. Please fix this issue. Or give resolution even one click does not sync my.portfolio
Can no see my porfolio list
Portfolio not appearing only news

Can only see news not stock listings

Cannot c my portfolios
Can not see my portfolio
Every update, makers everytime en anthore problem. Now it is de portefolio. Then it's the notivecations..make a update that everything works. Not a update with an anathore problem e
Portfolio won't appear
Portfolio list & quotes are no longer showing up as of yesterday!!!
Portfolio won't show
Cant find my main portfolio
Lost my portfolio, will not load.
Cannot see stock
Portfolio stock prices not loading. Only analysis articles.
I also are not seeing stick prices
2 days no portfolio stickers
Did you get hacked?
Why would I purchase a service from say Bret Jensen if I can't link to My Portfolio in Seeking Alphs? Should I discuss thos with several of your authors?
My primary portfolio stock quotes are not appearing
No stocks showing
Portafolio not loading...
Could be Canadian Thanksgiving affecting views...if you have pot stocks, for instance.
Portfolio is missing
Unable to load stock price of one of portfolios for several days already!!
I cannot see my portfolio
portolio gone MIA
portfolio reappeared ,now gone again
will not display portfolio
I'm about to delete this ap....no portfolio listed yet
Portfolio will not load on iPhone app
No p0rtfolio.
Cant get into my portfolio
No longer shows stocks in my watchlist

The app shows the news for the stocks but not the stocks

Can not see stock quotes
We are not able to c our Portfolio instead a Google add is there look .....y spoiling a product
Regarding disappearing stock quotes uninstall and reinstall and it will fix the problem. Hopefully for most everybody.
Not display of portfolio
Will not display any portfolios .... tried unistall reinstall no help
NO portfolio,please fix
I can't see my portfolio all of a sudden
the android app is not working, its not showing the portfolio stocks. When will all the bugs be worked out??

Wood be nice to get this fixed and working properly.

Whats,wrong with the app. Can't see portfolios
Can't view portfolio
Portfolio is not coming up so unable to view
Cant view portfolio's
Portfolio is not displaying
not showing the portfolio list
cannot see portfolio
no portfolio list...
Won't bring up portfolio
Cannot view stock portfolio
No portfolio on seeking alpha today?
Portfolio is not coming up so unable to view
Portfolio is not displayed
Where did my portfolio disappear to
Not seeing stock quotes
Portfolio is not displaying
Cannot view portfolio stock picks
No stock views in portfolio
All accounts show 0 balance
No portfolio
Portfolio not showing pls fix thx
Portfolio will not load
App doesnt load my portfolio even I refresh
Second day with no portfolio ....is there a problem with the website or is it my Android phone
not seeing portfolio list, only news and can't scroll up to ticker symbols
My portfolio is not anymore visible there are nonstop reclames publicacions
No portfolio.Why?
Can't get my watch list to show.
No display of counters
When do u think stock price feature will b loading, very inconvenient.
My stocks are not coming up just news stories
Can't download stocks recently got an update what the heck is going on
I am not able to view my portfolio when I click portfolio in the phone app
Quotes not loading
No quotes. Only news
How do I keep a potfolio from disappearing?
Why are my portfolio stocks not coming up this happened yesterday and now today
Can you fix tallgrass energy partners so your app shows today’s pricing? Ticker is TGE.
Unable to load stock portfolio
Portfolio stocks not loading?
Qoutes not loading
Lost portfolios, again. Not visible.
Just lost all data on 400k portfolio @#$#@
Cant see my portfolio
Quotes not showing tuesday Oct 9th
Wrong portfolio displayed
My portfolio is gone!!!
Can't see my portfolio
Portfolio not available, it disappeared, you have a problem.
Can't view portfolio
Hello why cant i see my portfolio?
Can't see portfolio
I cannot get stock quotes on Mobile App
Why have portfolio quotes disappeared Oct 8th but portfolio related news still shows
I am not getting stock quotes
Portfolio won't show

All day, my portfolio will not show, and app is sluggish. 

Can’t add stocks to portfolio

I’m a brand new user. Went to go add my first stock to my portfolio and was given an error message. Tried with a few different stocks and none would work 

Everything blank

All blank

My stocks and prices are not populating.

My stocks and prices stopped populating.

My portfolio does not show up on my phone.

It stopped showing up since yesterday.

stock quotes

would u guys finally get ur act 2gether???? stock quotes b4 market open ja...after market open no...wtf??

Missing data for multiple stocks again!

This happened all last week, but it never happened when the market was open. It looked as if this had been corrected, but now it is happening while the market is still open. For numerous stocks, I can see how many shares I own, but no other data. All views are affected.

Prices not populating

Prices not displaying in portfolio

Stock portfolio

My stock portfolio has been out for the last two days when will it be back up

Data missing in my portfolios after market close.

I have 6 portfolios set up and they function well during market hours. But after market close, all data is missing except for the number of shares that I hold, on 10 - 60% of my stocks. On some days the data is missing for 5 or 6 stocks, and on some days it is 20 stocks. This started about 10 days ago. The problem is the same on my PC and iMac. 

Deleted my portfolio

The system has deleted my portfolio#1

Dont see portfolio details

Do not see portfolio details in the app. News are updated in the bottom section of the screen based on the portfolio holdings, but no info on tickers/prices etc.

stock prices

so again if having a rough morning...get hin on leave..or whomever..since the big changeover..its all a no go!!! people make money decisions with the quote board...why'd u guys have to screw this up??it wasnt broke b4..but now it is..

stock prices

same thing everyday b4 market opens and after market closes we r privelidged 2 get the stock quotes.....i guess thats when u need em the most guys??get someone else running this app puleeze..u guys r trying to change and better things your not qualified 4..get some proffesionals in who know how to do their jobs and properly execute..thx in advance

My portfolio stopped displaying

My portfolio no longer loads in the app. It stopped displaying as of Monday, 10/8.

Portfolio stocks don't display

I see the related news normally below the tickers,  but i don't see tickers/ prices anymore!


wtf????? is this site under new managment??b4 the big changeover..everything worked fine n dandy..or r u guys doin this on purpose wurh some hidden agenda???


my stock view just went away!


same here ....

is there anything going on with the site

Rod Burns

you are not alone... same issue for me

Bnuts Alpha

same here - no portfolio today!

cold beef cake

same here.   Portfolio list not showing.


Anche io




same here. 

Shaun Grewal

same here


same here