Prev / Next comment issues

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Two issues with the previous / next button for finding new comments:

1.  If there are no previous or no next comments, the cursor should not change to a pointing hand when mousing over the "prev" or "next" words.  To avoid confusion, the word should not be clickable at all.  (Currently these keywords gray-out but they're still clickable and the mouse cursor still changes to a pointing-hand and it's up to the user to see that the word is slightly less green)

2.  Even worse, "Next" frequently fails to find the next comment.  I'm guessing the issue is that I have a poster Muted whose comment would otherwise be "next".  In this case, the "next" button should be smart enough to skip the muted comment.  Currently, nothing happens and the "next" functionality breaks until a new comment can be manually found, which is now even more difficult because you're collapsing comments to save on bandwidth.

SA Admin Kushal Mehrotra
  • Under review

Thanks for the feedback, I'll relay the same to our product team.

Kushal Mehrotra
Data QA Analyst