article limit - Make it transparent


I understand that there is a monthly article limit for free accounts.  My problem is that there is no transparency surrounding that limit and no good way to keep track of our progress towards that limit, or how it is counted (i.e. calendar month vs rolling 30 day period).  An example, since the beginning of the year I have not been able to access any articles, not a single one.  I have tried to read 5 or 6 but every single one of them has been blocked by the paywall banner telling me I have already reached my limit (despite not reading any articles at all).  I went and looked at my history and since the beginning of October 2021, there are 21 articles listed, 2 of the articles I know I never even tried to read, and of the others, less than half, probably closer to 5 or 6 were successfully read; the remainder were never read because they were blocked by the paywall notification.  

All I ask: 

1. Be clear and transparent about the article limit (how many can I read each month)

2. Provide clear notification of said limit

3. Provide an activity tracker that clearly indicates our current status so we can check at any time to determine if we have free articles available

4. Differentiate between read articles and attempted articles.  If I tried to read an article, but was blocked by the paywall, either that article should not appear in my history, or there should be an indication that I tried but failed to read it.  At a glance, I should be able to determine which articles counted against my free limit.

5. Provide a dispute mechanism: for example if an article was opened on accident because a push notification on our phone was activated while we were doing something else, that article should not count against our limit (obviously there should be some control to limit abuse of this feature).