400 Bad Request Request Header Or Cookie Too Large nginx/1.8.0

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Every single article that I try to open today is showing this message with all browsers.  All cache and cookies cleared on my system and made no difference.  Can you please fix?


Thanks SA Support Team.  The problem is now cleared up!

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It's happening to me too!

Yes, it's quite a surprise to have this bizarre announcement pop up every time I click a link to SA from one of my usual SA notification emails. Links are from emails in Yahoo mail and using properly updated Chrome browser...

Please fix!

Here's a copy of the "message of doom" we're all getting:

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Largenginx/1.8.0

Under review

We are looking into this and hope to have an update soon.


Same issue as Sieranvin above: yahoo mail, chrome browser, same message.  Here's what I wrote to SA support, though their answer didn't resolve the issue (yet), except leading to this blog.  Hope SA can fix this (totally new to me) issue ?

To:SA Websupport, Nov 20 at 1:25 PM 

To whom it may concern,
since 11/19/2018 I am having increasing problems accessing SA articles.   When clicking on "Read now", instead of the article opening in usual fashion, I receive this message:

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large nginx/1.8.0

I have cleared my browser history, cookies, etc and restarted the CPU with little success.  I have no problems opening any other e-mails, except from SA.  

Can you help?  Thanks!


Same problem for me as well.  

400 Bad Request

Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

In Chrome, if I go to "Settings"  Advanced, Privacy and Security, Content Settings,Cookies, See all Cookies and Site data, and scroll through the list until l locate the Seeking Alpha icon, I find that 150+ cookies have been set to the location.  If I clear that and return to my email, I can then select any Seeking Alpha email and be transferred to the site.  But, this is only good for a few visits to the site and the cookies accumulate to 150+ again and the link no longer works.  Most annoying and I can't seem to find a permanent fix.  Coincidentally, my problem seems to have started the same time as others 11/19/18.

Is anyone here able to spare 5-10 minutes sometime between 7AM-11AM EST to do a screenshare with our tech team? If so, please post here and I'll reach out via email.

I could do the screen share now if you have time.


Alternatively, install this Chrome extension, and when you hit the error page, click the extension to export your cookies and send the file to danielh@seekingalpha.com


Hi All,

This issue should now be resolved. Thanks so much for your help in identifying the issue.