Ideas and Improvements for All Portfolios & Quant

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2 ideas that I think most would appreciate under "All Portfolios" would be the following:

1) Some way to customize the columns to add stock specific information such as current Quant rating, etc.. As it stands, I have no real way of knowing if there has been a change in any of my stocks on the quantitate ranking unless I notate and click into each ticker and reference to prior notation. It would be nice to be able to see on the portfolio screen...the current quant rating. Even better....quant rating changes since addition of the stock to the portfolio. 

2) I think the alerts for the portfolio is great but I'm not actively invested in some of my portfolios. Some are for testing and/or others portfolios that I monitor and I don't necessarily want alerts on them. It would be nice to be able to make certain portfolios active/inactive so that we don't receive alerts about individual stocks within the "inactive" portfolios. 


Seeking Alpha's ratings and factor grades enable you to find great ideas, fast. We offer three ratings on stocks -- our proprietary quant rating, the SA authors rating, and the Wall Street Rating -- and a Factor Scorecard.

Our proprietary quant ratings have a remarkable track record, massively beating the market. The quant ratings were developed by CressCap, which sold them for $5,000 per seat to hedge funds. Seeking Alpha acquired CressCap to provide the ratings to our subscribers. You can see the quant rating for each stock on its ticker page on desktop, mobile web and in our iOS and Android apps. The stock ticker pages also show you the ranking of the stock in the sector and industry, and clicking on the links shows you the top ranked stocks in that sector and industry.

The Factor Scorecard for each stock, ETF, and REIT enables you to evaluate any stock in seconds and ascertain whether it's for you. The scorecard grades stocks, ETFs, and REITs on five "factors" -- Value, Growth, Profitability, Momentum and EPS Revisions. The grades run from A+ to F. The grades for REITs are built on data specifically appropriate for REITs, such as FFO and AFFO. You don't need to take the grades as an article of faith; clicking on the links in the scorecard takes you to the underlying data. Example -- MPW ticker page.

Dividend Grades let income investors ensure they own stocks with strong and safe dividends, which will grow their dividends in future. On the symbol pages of stocks that pay dividends -- as well as REITs -- you’ll see grades for Dividend Safety, Growth, Yield, and Consistency. Created by our quant team, Dividend Grades are simple and fast to use, but with dozens of underlying metrics, they are tremendously sophisticated under the hood.

The ratings stock screener is designed to help you find the best stocks, fast. It uses Seeking Alpha's market beating quant ratings and factor grades, and ratings from Seeking Alpha authors and Wall Street. Unlike other screeners which require lots of work and inputs, the Seeking Alpha ratings screener is an easy way to find the stocks, ETFs, and REITs with the best ratings and factor grades. You can use the factor grades to find the best stocks for your investment style. For example, if you care most about dividends and value, you can screen for stocks with an A+ for Value and a dividend yield above a certain amount. See the Ratings Screener.