jarhead68 4 years ago in Website updated by CrewmanNumber06 3 years ago 5

So how long do my comments get moderated? Kind of difficult to participate in a conversation when my comment doesn't post for 24 hours. If this is going to go on much longer, I will quit bothering with it and just read the articles.


Does one actually ever get an answer to a question? Four days and no answer is nonsense.


Join the team jarhead. they will police every one of your comments forever. I am leaving the site after my 4,000+ posts aren't good enough, but a newbie troll can say whatever they want and it's allowed.



Please address these concerns privately to moderation@seekingalpha.com


Daniel, I have tried that suggestion several times, and it has only served to get me in deeper trouble. If you want more detail, please ask.



Please address these concerns privately to moderation@seekingalpha.com"

Why is this a private matter? It seems like many of us have this issue.  

I've been in comment moderation for over a year now. Why the hell would I even bother to continue to participate here?