E-mails are no longer arriving

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I have followed all Seeking Alpha instructions so that e-mails will arrive, nothing works.

Please help. E-mails stopped arriving on July 29, 2022.

I have added "account@seekingalpha.com" and "subscriptions@seekingalpha.com"

to my contact list, safe sender list, safe domain list, safe mailing list.

Oddly, I am still receiving blogs and feedback forum notices (but not ones initiated by me).

Please help me.


!/ Contact SA direct, through help.

2/ Contact your provider to get the bounce switched off.

3/ Quick fix only - change to another email address on your account.

Yes, I know how frustrating this is.


سلام من می خواهم بپرسم چرا این برنامه کارنمی کند 

a neuffer

It's been 16 days now and I am still waiting for my issue to be addressed.