Operational Problem on Mobile App


The app overall is great. I am a regular (free) user. However, there is a problem when in the portfolio section—the App does not stay in the same place, which it should, in two ways. First, when I go to the articles below my stocks, and I click on and read an article and return, I am always returned to a spot higher up toward the stock listings. Similarly, when I am just looking at the article titles, sometimes the view jumps up toward the stock prices as well, without any action on my part (this might have to do with new articles being listed, but it might not).

      This might be an App only problem, App/IPhone problem, or IPhone problem. 

       This is not the end of the world, but it is annoying to have to constantly find the place you left. Also, it’s such a good app, why not perfect it? Thanks for considering.