“Press & Hold” - Web Development Please Read

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This is beyond frustrating but I will refrain from cussing 🤬 this persistent, multi-year problem.

I am writing this on my iphone, but the problem was encountered on my Linux Mint laptop:

Mint 20.1 64 bit

Mate 1.24 64 bit

Firefox 105.0 64 bit (Firefix for Linux Mint mint-001-1.0)

I logged into my laptop and logged into my Seeking Alpha (SA) account.

I then searched a stock ticker in the search box and expected to go to the stock’s page.

Instead, I received that stupid “Press & Hold” notice to prove I am not a robot.

As a sidenote, let me emphasize:  I am being asked to prove I am not a robot AFTER I manually logged into my own user account.

The message asked if I had javascript and cookies enabled.

I do.

The message asked that I disable any adblocker.

I will not disable adblockers, as those help protect my computer and I hate ads.

The message asked that I report this problem to the feedback forum.

Guess what happened once I clicked the “Feedback Forum” link?

Yes, I received the exact same message.

Again, let me emphasize: I am being asked to prove I am not a robot AFTER I manually logged into my own user account.

Summary:  After manual login, I am blocked from viewing anything after the main page and I am blocked from reporting it on the feedback forum.

Oddly, I don’t yet encounter this problem on my old Iphone SE, which is why I am writing this from that Iphone instead of my laptop.

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