Not receiving any subscribed emails

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Issue: Similar to other posts in here, about a month ago I stopped receiving email / newsletters and I can't get them to return.

Tested: I've checked junk/trash on my account email, nothing is arriving in there.

Background: It happened around the time I received a free trial offer of premium and then it expired. After that expiration I do not think I have received a single email.

Hypothesis: I think your internal register must have me on some kind of do not send list or something, because I created a test second account and was able to receive the emails immediately again.

Request: Can you please check my account on your internal end and if it is blocked from outbound seeking alpha messages, can you please restore it in some way.

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Please let me know if any ideas as to how I can make these emails deliver again.  Right now, I'm just manually searching for them on the site.  It's great to have them in inbox in morning.