2/27 OPEN price for IBKR

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Hi, in https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/IBKR?s=ibkr, the opening price is displaying as 55.60 whereas it should be 55.49 for today (checked here: https://iextrading.com/apps/stocks/IBKR and other sites as well).  Can you check and correct please?  Thanks.

Under review

This looks fixed, can you confirm?

Thank you, Daniel.  Looks good!

Hi- checked again just now in https://seekingalpha.com/symbol/IBKR/overview and data as follows

Previous Close55.47

Today Prev Close is not correct and Open price as well. It should be 55.57 and 55.07, respectively (sources: https://iextrading.com/apps/stocks/IBKRhttps://finance.yahoo.com/quote/IBKR?p=IBKR&.tsrc=fin-srchhttps://www.quotemedia.com/portal/quote?qm_symbol=IBKR)


I think these discrepancies have to do with which market the Open and Previous Close is being pulled from. For example, IEX shows 55.57 for previous close and Yahoo shows 55.47. IEX is obviously sourcing from their own exchange- IEX. Yahoo is likely sourcing from NYSE or Nasdaq and we are sourcing from BATS. 

Hope this clears up the differences.



I spoke to IEX and they actually had an issue on their end where they were not adjusting their previous close by $.10 to reflect the ex-dividend from today's dividend. They have now fixed it. 

Thank you very much!  Data looks good.

Hi- for, IBKR, 52W H/L are blank. Also, Open price is different whereas both Yahoo and IEX are showing 55.00



But happy that Market Cap figure is fixed.  Thank you.


Hi - the data looks correct to me when I am looking at it now. It could be that there was a problem when you were looking at it. Can you please check again and if/when you see an issue - send a screenshot of what you are seeing?