You’ve reached your free article limit


Hi there,

For a few months now I keep getting this new message: "You’ve reached your free article limit", including on the first day of the month !

I guess you have changed your policy but accoridng to your own website: "I can still access any article on any stock, even
without a paid subscription, though there is a monthly limit to how much you can read" If zero article is the new rule, just say it so.

Apparently you do notify the member of when they are close to reaching their limit and when they have reached their limit, it seems that I only get the banner telling le  I reached the limit and this from day one!

I understand you do not want me to participate in this forumbut be honest about it and spare me your auotmatic reply.

I wish I could remain on the term and conditions  I used to be but if it is not the case, PLEASE DELETE MY ACCOUNT!

Any further correspondence from Seekingalpha would considered as Spam and intrusive and will be reported as such.