Unable to open link in email from Investing Group


On my iPhone, whenever I click on "Go to message" in any email from The Market Pinball Wizard, I hit a login screen.  I carefully put in the correct credentials, and it tells me "Oops! Credentials were rejected."  That was happening on my old phone, and got fixed, but when I replaced it with a new phone, the problem came back.  I didn't care much, because I could still get to the information from my laptop.

On both my laptops today, however, where I have not had any problems before, suddenly today I am required to log in.  After supplying my credentials, the blue Login bar reads, "Please wait . . ." and it spins indefinitely without ever going through, nor giving an error message.  At this point, The investing group is basically worthless to me, and if we can't get this fixed, there is no reason for me to continue subscribing.