Getting a website error message when I’m using the iPhone app


All of a sudden out of nowhere, I can’t gain access to the app but then using all day. It’s asking for a thumb pressure to validate me and then it’s giving me an error message that tells me I need to take my ad blocker off my browser when in fact, I’m using the iPhone app and I’m getting this weird error message. It has nothing to do with the app. It’s treating me as if I’m on the webpage I’ve been having all kinds of errors and issues with the app for weeks and weeks now my sense is there’s an issue with your server I don’t know what’s going on, but the air was on your side. Please advise. I’m getting an error message telling me to make sure I have a job enabled and I have not have an ad block on, but this makes absolutely no sense because that’s related to operating seeking Alpha through a desktop web browser or web browser in my iPhone when in fact, this is all going through your iPhone app that I’m using. Please advise it’s getting worse and worse lately.