Quote information displaying incorrect for ICF and has done so for a week or so.

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The eft, ICF, has had quote display problems for around a week or so (that I noticed so possibly longer).

As of this comment, you show it as "ICF$113.39  18.98 (20.10%)"  when the reality is that the quote is actually:

"$113.21  -0.03 (-0.03%)"

For some strange reason, no matter where I look on seeking alpha (articles, stock quotes, portfolio data, etc) SA shows it moving up and down nearly $20 each day and 20% when in reality the etf may have moved in the opposite direction  and only moves pennies up to maybe $1.75 either way on a typical day.

Also, the chart won't come up on the summary page for ICF. No 52 week high or low, etc.

This issue occurs on any browser that I use and whether or not I am logged in.

To recreate:

1. open browser and go to seekingalpha.com

2. go to text entry box on upper right portion of page box to click on reads: Search by symbol, author, keyword...

3. enter the symbol ICF

4. make note of quote information

5. go to any other website with stock data and get a quote for ICF.

Other issues are also on the Summary page for ICF.

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Thanks for pointing this out. There seems to be a data issue coming from our provider. We have reported this and they should fix it ASAP.

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This should now be fixed.