I'm not a robot prompts

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Every day I get 50 or 60 emails from SA.   I go through all the emails and click on the links in the emails to load up the articles and news items to read.

The new "I'm not a robot prompts" come up after clicking on multiple links in the emails that SA has sent to me.   Since the emails have already authenticated me this is an annoying extra step.  It certainly should not be coming up prompting me as often as it does.

Many of the recent changes at SA are driving people away that have been on SA for a LONG time.

SA Admin Jonathan Liss
  • Under review

Hi Joe,

We have deployed a fix for the issue you are reporting. Please let us know if you continue to have issues.




I am still getting this. It is sporadic. Sometimes this pops up (for multiple articles in a row). Other times it doesn't. Javascript is turned on in Firefox and no "robot prompt" appears tht lets me click out of it.