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Offline PDF and Excel Reports

ruslanf 4 months ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 3 months ago 4

I was trying to download Excel and PDF reports for Peers Analysis. Downloaded files contain very rough unformatted data which is not usable to read compared to online version. Would be good if you put some efforts to do a better job in formatting of downloadable offline reports for your paid customers.

I would like to download more information offline for separate companies as well, e.g. Growth section. There is no option to download this as PDF report. I was trying to print it as PDF, but grade labels have no colors there, that is also not very user friendly. Please check and if possible fix it. Thanks.

Under review

Thanks for the valuable feedback. We will look into this ASAP and will do our best to fix the formatting. We'll also look into adding downloads for the other sections.

If you have any additional feedback regarding your subscription, please let us know.



One more tiny web-site formatting thing (not sure if I need to start a separate topic for that...)

On the Bearish/Bullish scale 1 to 5 there is an orange circle mark showing future stock price change appreciation. This mark is always orange (due to site color scheme), no matter where it is located on the scale. At the same time there is a side color scale for Bearish/Bullish and Bearish is also orange there. So, no matter where the circle is on the scale I always feel first like it is bullish every time. Would be good if you make the circle mark color match the color scale.

I hope I made it clear with my idea :)

Totally get what you mean. We were considering changing this, so this feedback is very timely. 

We have fixed the coloring issue you raised.


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha