I have tried to unsubscribe from Seeking Alpha emails for three months. You refuse to honor my request. I'm sick of you.

tom_f_donovan@yahoo.com 2 years ago in Marketplace updated 2 years ago 4

My message is in my header.  I want to unsubscribe.  I no longer have a portfolio and I'm sick and don't need to waste time with your emails



We have not sent you any emails to that address recently. Perhaps they are being sent to another address?

Thank you for your prompt response.  Below are the first few lines of what I got yesterday:

Thank you for taking care of this for me. 

Tom Donovan

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I fixed this for you. Just curious- did you try clicking Unsubscribe in the email?

Yes, several times.  I usually gave it 5 to 7 days in between requests because I know processing can take some time.   I also tried replying to the email and asking to be unsubscribed.

I appreciate you handling this.  Not only do I not have a portfolio anymore, I have Stage 4 lung cancer and am trying to limit what comes in so that my son will be able to see the important things and not have to deal with extraneous stuff.  Thanks again.