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chat doesn't work on any browser (chrome/ie/firefox) - when will this be fixed, been 2 days now??

jstrader30 3 years ago in Website updated by holl24 3 years ago 10
Under review


I sent you an email asking for more information about 40 minutes ago. Please check it out and we'll help you fix this.



Thanks - email sent.


No browser is working for me either.

chrome works 1 out of 5 times.

wish i knew, haven't gotten a resolution yet. weird only some have this issue?

Chat does not work for me either.

My chat also does not work. From time to time i have trouble editing my portfolio and am constantly asked to demonstrate I'm a live person.  Are these things connected? Chat worked fine at work but not at home.  on Chrome browser. I rebooted--same problem 

Chat doesn't work for me on Chrome/IE/Edge

unable to use chat and no reply from S.A. saying when problem will be fixed.