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Not getting all of your work

Burghman 2 years ago in Marketplace updated by SA Editor Daniel Shvartsman 2 years ago 1

I am only able to see a portion of what I believe is the last column in your most recent post. The column heading starts with the letters "CO" and I can see one or two numbers of data under that heading for each fund. If you were to put Premium/Discount on two lines instead of one then that column could be much narrower and the entire table would be visible to me. I sort of feel cheated with these tables. This is not the first time it has happened but the first time I have complained. Thanks for your help.....stan angrist

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Hi Burghman, which work are you referring to? Do you have a link? We can look further from there. I think you're referring to Stanford Chemist's service, but wanted to check.