Add agenda items such as quarterly updates

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Please add the date at which we can expect updates from the company. Most companies publish this on their own website, or ther is a date to be derived from previous updates (previous time between closing the quarter and the update).

If Yahoo can do it, I'm sure you can do it better ....!

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Hi Michiel,

What type of events do you have in mind? Also, how would you like to get alerted?

Michiel Amsterdam

Hi Daniel,

I would like to see on which dates the stocks in my portfolio come with Quarterly Updates (the stuff that really influences the numbers) and other significant dates, such as when they go ex-dividend.

In "my alerts", it would be handy if I could select the type of communication about these items like with the other alerts, but with the addition of the number of days before the important date.

This is to create a 'calendar' or a list of items that will generate a notification.

I hope this makes sense..!

Kind regards,