data entry quantity errors

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I decided to create a 2nd portfolio (my wife's) to track.  I did it from the website and laboriously entered all per share cost and number of shares for all 100 of her holdings.  When I looked at it on my android phone ALL of the quantities had changed from what I had entered thru my desktop website.  Going back to the website, they were all intact as I had entered them.  The quantities on my phone were in even multiples of what I had entered, i.e. 20 shares would be something like 60, 80 or 100, never something like 45.  This multiple varied from stock to stock, i.e. one might be 3X and another 10X.  I figured I would just have to do them all again on my android.  After doing that and shutting the app down and restarting, all the quantities were once again wrong.


I am seeing the exact same issue on my Android.  I've got 90+ stocks and entered all the data through the website.  When I view the portfolio through the Android app, the quantities are all wrong and significantly higher.  I'm talking hundreds of thousands of shares in some cases, rediculous quantities.

This makes the mobile app completely useless for tracking my performance.  Please fix this issue.