Sort my portfolio by most active stocks

StockMaven55 3 years ago in Website updated by kilroys 3 months ago 7

Please let me sort my portfolio by the most active stocks, not only alphabetically.

Why it is not possible to sort my portfolio for the biggest gainers percentage wise how I can do with the desktop version? Thank you 



You can do that on the portfolio page by clicking here:

sorting is not an option in iPhone X??


I agree, I want to sort  my portfolio on my iPhone mobile app.  

please advise 256-651-6447


At the moment this is only possible by browsing on your iphone to the site on your iPhone - not via the app. We are working on integrating Portfolio into the app.


I would make sorting watch lists on mobile devices by most active, gainers/losers, and with the latest news the top feature improvement

what gives. Sorting should a feature from day one. Having to scroll down is painful. Please update. There’s no excuse at this point.