Stock price not populating in iPad iPhone app update looks & works fine.

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iPad app shows price change in dollars then percentage, with no actual stock price for each stock in portfolio. Updated iPhone app looks to be working fine.

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After this new update for iPad iOS13, there are problems.

In the portfolio:

- it does not show the the stock price.

- it has the $amount change in either green or red. But the % change does not show in either green or red writing. It is in grey writing.

- also there is no post or pre market price and % change.

Also in iPad app version, when you feedback. Trying to post a comment under a topic requires you to login, but after putting email and password, saying password is wrong. But I used the same password to login after I deleted the app and reinstall. So password is correct.

Everytime you guys have a new update, there is always bugs on iPad
version. Seems like you guys don't test iPad as much as iPhones.

Reading articles on iPad is much better experience than on iphones. Please treat iPad version important as well.

See the attached photo:


Thanks for the support

No current price being shown 😤

no price being shown 

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When do you expect to have a fix for the portfolio feature in the app for ipads that does not show the current price???

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hi. Have ready become to rely on this app to track my portfolio several times a day. However just recently I noticed the stock prices are no longer listed in the portfolio tab. Only the daily  dollar and cents change and percentage change. Is this a permanent change in the app or just a temporary glitch?  Thanks. 

Stock details missing in iPad app

When I select a specific stock, there should be details about the P/E, dividend, etc. displayed below a graph of the performance. I see none of this any more. All I see is the day’s up/down - not even the price displays any more!


Using iPad Air 2 with iOS 11.3.1


The new update version 3.8.2 did not fix this issue on the iPad.


Identified another problem. Under Notifications -> when you press a news article, the last dot point, the sentence gets cut off. iPhone does not have this issue.

See the photo:



SA Maya Natan
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Thank you for your message and I apologize for the inconvenience. We are working on a fix for iPad.

Will Morris

still not showing stock prices on iPad.  

Will Morris
Quote from Will Morris

still not showing stock prices on iPad.  

see screenshot.   Not showing the current price


v3.8.8 seems to have corrected this issue at least for me

Quote from Will Morris

see screenshot.   Not showing the current price

iPhone 7 - latest software. Stock prices are not being updated