Exclusive Contributor status removed

Seth Cohen 2 years ago in Website updated 2 years ago 4

I published my first exclusive article last week, and wanted to submit a second this week.  However, when I logged into and tried to submit an article, it indicated that the only method to post the article was a "blog post".  Under the "Author Info" tab at the top, it now shows the option of "Become a Contributor".  When I click this, it still has all of my information from when I "was" a contributor.  I would like to figure out how I can regain my contributor status, as I imagine that there is some sort of technical error.  If however, I have been intentionally removed as a contributor, I would like an explanation, as I was never emailed regarding this change, and needed to log in to see that I was no longer able to write an exclusive article.

Thanks for the help!

Under review


thank you for reporting, we will look what went wrong with your account as soon as possible.


Hi Seth,

Can you please check again? Looks good on our end:

Everything looks good.  I submitted an exclusive article Friday afternoon, and am hoping it get accepted soon!

Thanks again.