WHY SEEKING ALPHA, WHY would you HIDE all of the actual holdings, ticker, performance under "All Portfolios"???

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Is it just me, or is anyone else absolutely furious to the fact that SA changed their "My/All Portfolio" button to now hide every single holding and pull them under the arrowed subfield??

What is the point of this? It shows no aggregate data to comprehensively see the holdings you have or following, if you categorize industries and use this for the several different portfolios/industries like I do, this essentially makes this site useless since there is now NO WAY to get an all-encompassing view of your entire portfolio in one straight list. Now, every time I go to the page, I have to click every down arrow to see them all listed out portfolio by portfolio. Why SA, why?????

Mark Ferry

we have all been making that point all week.

To SA:

With the old format I didn't have to click individual portfolios. Once I logged in to SA, I could see ALL HOLDINGS IN ALL PORTFOLIOS AT ALL TIMES. We don't want to see just the total for each portfolio, we want to see

ALL HOLDINGS IN ALL PORTFOLIOS AT ALL TIMES. Plus the page would automatically refresh so I could just leave that page open all the time and monitor everything without having to click anything. That's the part that SA is not getting- the best thing about the old format was the ability to continuously see ALL HOLDINGS IN ALL PORTFOLIOS AT ALL TIMES. By eliminating that feature, you have ruined the entire platform.