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The recent upgrade in the portfolio tracking service is impressive and graphically appealing.  One aspect which can be improved is the "Today's % Gain" column.  It correctly calculates the percentage gain or loss for the daily price change of each security position.  However, it's calculation of the daily percentage change of the portfolio bears no resemblance with reality.  What I think the developer did was mistakenly calculate an unweighted average of each individual security's percentage price change to the portfolio as a whole.  The correct calculation (which was present in the previous version) compares the total value of the portfolio today with the previous closing value of the portfolio on the last trading day.  If you could initiate a correction on this, it will be very helpful to those of us who like to compare our portfolio to index benchmarks.  Thank you.


Rapid response and problem solved!

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Thanks, we will look into it


We had this problem last week but it's subsequently been fixed. Are you sure you are still seeing this issue now?


Daniel Hochman

Director of Product, Seeking Alpha


Just checked and it looks like it is totally fixed.  Thank you for your prompt response!

Bruce Mullin