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Annoying Banner

Curt Morrison, MD, FACC, CFA 4 years ago in Website updated by anonymous 11 months ago 4

I do not want emails. I have unsubscribed from all emails. Yet I see this annoying banner on the top of every page:

"We have stopped sending emails to cmmdfacccfa@hotmail.com due to an error received from your email provider.

To turn your emails back on, please click here. (To update your email address, click here)"

Please get rid of this banner

Under review

Hi ,

Did you try clicking the link? If you've unsubscribed clicking the link will clear the banner and it won't send you emails. It simply clears your address to get emails in the future if you choose to.

I did unsubscribe.

What link are you alluding to?

Where it says "please click here" from your original post.

Stop the banner!! too anonying!!

I don't want all the trash in my email!!