I see no advantage to the new SA format

anarchist 1 year ago in Website updated by canyon 1 year ago 6

The new format sucks, nothing is easier to find and for me its confusing.


Please restore the greater compactness of the old format, whatever new arrangement of the content is used..  There is just too much dispersion or wasted space.  Let the viewer see things in conveniently concise views. 


The new format is complete garbage, whoever came up with the design must be out of his mind


The new format makes no substantial improvement over the old format. Now I have to click on an index to  see a plot. There is no option to make an index choice sticky so I see that one first. The Editor's picks and Notable Calls are all locked so they are a waste of space. There is no ability to select which sections I want to see in what order on the page.


I'm agnostic to positive about the new format. What I really like is being able to click on home and see the current DOW and Crude oil tickers right there!

That would be nice if they were current but they are not even close. 

Agree, new format sucks, garbage, no improvement, and TRACKING button is gone.  Please go back to the old format!!!