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CrewmanNumber06 5 years ago updated by stocks for profit 2 years ago 21

Would be amazing if comments could be sorted by "likes" or ranked, similar to Reddit. Engenders great community engagement and democratic comment filtering.


Please also enable / create a feature to search comments, and to sort by date

Under review

Great suggestions. We have these both under review and will update once we build it.

Any update on this feature? It's been 2 years since it was suggested. Often there are some very insightful comments hidden among the hundreds. Would be great to see the best ones at the top.


Improved comments functionality is in development now so you should see the next iteration relatively soon.

I’d be happy with a simple sort on posted date irrespective of conversation so I can see most recent comments on top, allowing quick monitoring of the comment feed.  Hard to believe such a basic use case is not supported...although I might simply not be seeing it..always a possibility haha.  The existing “conversation” based format means the most recent posts may be embedded as responses to older posts, buried in the middle of the comment stack...forcing a painful scroll through reams of old material to find a handful of recent comments.


Hi - sort by most recent on top has been implemented now and is now the default. Thanks for the feedback.


This isn't what I asked for at all


While I think it is great that you are providing more choices for how to view comments, I absolutely HATE having newest first as the default - especially since you don't seem to remember when I change the sort order on a particular article and it goes back to 'newest' when I try to read just the new comments.

Case in point, the comments on Fear & Greed Trader's articles tend to flow in a 'reasonably' logical order. Newest comments first makes it VERY difficult to follow the flow !!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE at least provide a new 'setting' so that I can choose the default !!!!!!!!!!!


Uggh.  Sort to newest is miserable.  You can't follow the discussion.  Did you do any research what people prefer?

Also it seems to clash with the orange new post arrow (no longer working).


Why did you change the default sort to newest first?  It means as I read down the page, I'm often reading comments made in reference or reply to comments I haven't seen yet.  There should be a place (I'm not aware if there is) where I can make a global persistent preference in how I want the new posts displayed.


Ditto, hate the new default, vote to change it back, and give an option to change to the probable minority who like it backwards.


I am not seeing any change here to how comments are organized.  From what I can tell, they still only show up in this two-level quasi-conversational mode, where the most recent comment may appear somewhere in the middle of a 500+ comments list as, for example response #12 to comment #285.  Can you see how painful it would be to stay on top of that kind of active discussion from one day to the next?  

It would be quite acceptable to me if you retain the conversational mode as the default, as long as you provide the option to flatten the presentation, sorted on date or post sequence.  Investorvillage.com has the right idea. Note the sequential presentation, most recent towards the top.  Here's an individual comment.  Note the "in response to" link to the replied-to comment, as well as the set of "replies" links below the comment.  If offered as an option, that presentation format would make active discussions so much easier to monitor.


One would assume an organization that depends upon members and subscribers would routinely advise them of changes before they were implemented--and include a brief explanation of its reasoning.

Frankly, I don't like the new sorting, and IMO the default should be chron order (as before this morning).


Apart from that, there is NO way this has been tested as even the most basic function, the orange arrow, doesn't work anymore.

By the way, there is a seperate thread with other comments on the new sort order.



Just noticed the comment thread now has the box for your post at the top. Cool, I thought, don't have to go to the bottom of 200 comments on T or GE. Then I discovered that the whole thread had been reversed!

Newest comments at the top makes no sense to me. I want to start with the earliest ones to see what is brought up in discussion. I suppose some folks might have a different take though. Is it possible to give us an option (preference that is stored with our user name?)


New comment sort order is nauseating. Makes my head spin. Like walking into an upside down room. I see the "Sort by" can be adjusted. But the "Add Your Comment" box stays on top regardless. It doesn't track with the selected sort order. Very confusing and disorienting. Also sort reverts back to "Newest" on every refresh. What the hell?

I like reading things in chronological order. It makes more sense to me. I don't buy a book and go right to the end to see if the butler did it. SA comments have been very readable until now.

Please repeal this nonsense. In lieu of that, keep "Oldest" sort as default in a salute to years of tradition. Make sure the comment box tracks with sort order. Sort order should be sticky and remember how you set it. That way folks who don't use default won't constantly have to adjust sort order.

What happened to usability testing? Changing stuff willy-nilly is playing with fire. There's a lesson here.

• Not everything new is good.
• If it ain't broke don't fix it.
• Remember New Coke?


Hahaha you guys made it worse. What an absolute joke.


Please allow me to add fuel to this well-deserved fire:

I have been on SA since 2016, and have witnessed more than one gaffe with respect to SA's updates/changes:

Email links that garnered an error message, for days, instead of allowing access to the site/article;

an update that changed the user's total # of Comments and Likes, which was never accurately rectified (my Profile still shows a discrepancy of more than 500 Likes that were never 'returned' to my public profile); 

iPhone apps that suddenly stopped working as they should;

and more.

However, this new 'ordering' of Comments from newest-to-oldest may very well take the cake!

There is now no real 'readability' or 'flow' to the Comments section.

Perhaps starting at the end worked for Margaret Mitchell, when she wrote Gone With the Wind, but I do believe that the publisher still chose to start the book from the beginning, when all was said and done.....

This change from SA makes absolutely no sense, and attempting to wade-through the Comments section is now beyond awkward and disjointed!

Well, I still hate the default to 'Newest first' as much as when it first came out - and *especially* the fact that it doesn't remember my preference.

However, I did happen to notice one thing today that makes it slightly less bad. While switching to 'Oldest' seems to destroy the 'New posts' feature, it turns out that next to the number of comments, there is an item in red showing how many new comments there are (presumably only when you are in new comments mode). Anyway, clicking on that DOES in fact take you to the first new comment after changing the order to oldest first.

So it's not quite so bad. Very disappointing that no-one from SA noticed this criticism in the earlier comments and pointed out this useful feature ... sigh ...


Well, it seems that 'Oldest' is now the default for comments - at least for me. Haven't had time to play around with it yet, but VERY pleased to see that things are apparently back to a useful state in this regard. Thanks !!!!


I got tired of constantly reasserting "Oldest" sort after each refresh and consigned myself to tolerating "Newest" sort. But after being notified about Ian Farbrother's observation today, I changed the sort order to "Oldest" and refreshed. Sort stayed "Oldest" despite refresh. Cool.

Yeah, it seems SA has added a feature where the sort order is now sticky. It even remembers the way you set it and keeps this sort across all articles. Nice. I like to read things in chronological order, while other folks can read in reverse order if they prefer. Can always change the sort if you need to. Everybody gets what they want when they want it.

Default sort is now user selected. Thanks SA for fixing this.