website too slow

inetbug 2 years ago in Website updated by Karl Glazier 3 weeks ago 4

the website is too slow and clunky ...compared to other similar financial sites with portfolio and news


True, for me every tab responds within a second, seekingalpha takes a good 3-5 seconds and the price + key data need a refresh before they show...


new format for stock pages is very slow to load.. complicated ads delay access to information...portfolios are slow to load... very awkward website.. to complicated for the information it delivers... and keeps getting slower and slower... looking for alternatives... moderators are progressive liberal types as well.


it seems the web site has a new delay that it did not have before.  I have checked my connection speed and it is the same as in the past.  I have also disabled the adblock.  The delay of about one or two seconds continues on the portfolio page, even when just resorting the holdings.


Since May 25, 2022 is is so slow as to be almost unusable.