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Continuously receiving message in inbox about new "People Page"

bs412 5 years ago in Website updated by BeaBaggage 5 years ago 5

received a message from David Jackson, Founder & VP Product about a new thing called People at about 1:51am, have received the same message multiple times since then, its not sending a new one, just the same one pops up.

also, the link at the bottom to go to the feedback forum is not working for me, here is the link:

Under review


How many messages did you receive?

I only see one in your inbox- did you delete the others?

Thanks for reporting the broken link.


I got it several times as well.  Have been replying, deleting, labeling it spam, etc.

And it is a very bad idea that you would sign us up to follow people.  And require us to manually opt out one by one.  Just bad, bad, bad. And poetic justice that the notification message itself is spammed time after time.


I got 3 messages.  If they had been from a private user, I would have demanded that you ban that user.  

But as it is, I will repeat my request for a feature to BLOCK a user so that I don't see his articles, comments, or messages.  And don't tell me that you're proposing this for "paid" users only.

SA is rapidly devolving into uselessness.  Really.


Trying to mark these messages as Spam removes them from the inbox but the message "This is not spam." is also displayed.  Yes, they are Spam.  Really.

always something isn't it.. trying to read today's updates from the people I follow and it is filled w articles I don't want to read.. so you have to go into your profile and delete them.. as far as saying it is a free site, sure and we appreciate it but it is not a free site, it is filled w ads, some of which I have found interesting and valuable thru the years to help pay for the "freedom".. we need the block feature for sure!