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Finding seperate sets of "new comments"

gwynfryn 5 years ago in Website updated 5 years ago 2

There are often large gaps between "new comments" following any article, yet you only show us the first set, and finding others is hard work when there are many comments, so how about providing a "go to next new comments" button?

Under review


These buttons exist and look like this:

Cancel that; I just figured it out (but you could make it clearer?). Did anyone else fail to realise it's the chevrons that do so?

[Thank you for answering, but that is not a "button", or at least nothing happens on this system, when I try to click upon it. It does not take me to the next set, which is the gist of my request; on long threads, having to scroll through and look for those “buttons” visually can be a real ordeal. This is especially true now that some people have started adding avatars that are a similar shade of orange. It might help if you ask them to desist, but the best solution remains a bit of software that takes us to the next set when requested. Surely there’s nothing difficult about that?]