Earnings Calendar under my portfolio

shnadler1 4 years ago in Website updated by SA Editor Mohit Manghnani 4 years ago 3

Why does my earnings calendar under my portfolio come up with no companies reporting earnings for July 2018? I know that, in fact, a number of companies in my portfolio are reporting-and have announced-July earnings calls. Please review and advise/fix. Thanks


We have updated the calendar (https://seekingalpha.com/earnings/earnings-calendar). As we hit the earnings season, the calendar will get updated as official dates are out.


I just checked my calendar that comes up when I am in my own online portfolio in SA  and it is still completely BLANK for July earnings. I see you have earnings dates posted. However, they are not populating in my portfolio calendar for the companies that I have setup under my portfolio. please review again and advise/ fix the issue. Thanks 

Right, we just have earnings date for the coming week. The dates for rest of the season will be updated by tomorrow.