I am no longer recieving "Today’s articles on Cramer’s Picks", normally sent by SA Editor Mohit Manghnani

vinyljunkee 4 years ago in Website updated 4 years ago 4

I haven't received this email since 7/19.

Under review

Hello vinyljunkee,

Thanks for your note.

I checked your email settings and it would appear we are sending out this email correctly:

This article is the latest article Mohit sent and should have safely reached your inbox.

Please search you inbox using this search param Own Apple, Don't Trade It - Cramer's Mad Money (7/31/18) to see if it is there.

Please ensure account@seekingalpha.com is allowed in your inbox and is not being blocked by your email provider.  



Hi again - once again I am not recieving email alerts from either Mr. Manghnani or from the Cramer Picks alert I have selected. It was working fine again until this week. Please advise. 

sa dave schechter - Can you please take another look at this problem. Once again the Cramer email alerts are not reaching me. Thank you.