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Pre and post numbers totally off

hopeful cfp 2 years ago in iPhone App updated by MortyLong 2 years ago 2

There must be a glitch in the app. Numbers are so wrong that they’re scary. 

Under review

Thank you for bringing this to our attention, we will investigate.

PLEASE HELP STOP MY RECEIVING NOTIFICATIONS  VIA EMAIL REGARDING EVERY  BUG, USER ISSUE OR OTHER COMMENT.  DESPITE MY MULTIPLE REQUESTS OVER THE LAST SEVERAL WEEKS I have received HUNDREDS UPON HUNDREDS. I’’ve written numerous times w/no solution or response to my  pleas for these to just stop coming to me any longer. Now as I am recovering from chemo & beyond exhausted at 4:15 am CST, my cell is chiming b/c at least 50 new user complaints have come in over the last 30 minutes, it’s enough. Please make this site work again & please stop these notifications-they should be OPTIONAL not automatically sent as that  is the app’s default which is almost as absurd as how messed up all of my premium subscriptions are, if I could even sign in to view them on any consistent basis.. Please stop these user bugs/issues thread from blowing up my email & especially not at 4:15 am & they aren’t letting up my phone is chiming every 2 seconds. Please fix ASAP & update me in a SEPARATE email. I’m so tired, just need to sleep, it’s a colossal waste of all our time & I’m getting to where I’m going to cancel

every subscription w/full refunds b/c once I provide the pages upon pages of user issues w/SA’s site which have been ongoing for at least a year, no one would argue I should pay $1000 for services I can’t access-PLEASE STOP THESE THREADS ASAP!

Thank you