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bobwinston 1 year ago in Website updated by wfkrautter 1 year ago 6

It is too bad you have instituted this policy. I hope your writers revolt, as there is a certain segment of the population that use the great resource you have created but can't afford a subscription. Very disappointed in SA, very bad move and I hope you see your strategy failed. 


Why have you eliminated access to articles that were free? I have been an avid user of your site.  However if this policy remains I will seek financial information elsewhere.


I do not plan to pay for the articles on your site. I will look elsewhere for interesting comment. I have never made a dime reading your articles. If I want a book I'll buy from Amazon.

you know what’s worse, you pay the premium and still get no access. Thinking about canceling my payment. 

I feel sorry for the good authors who do not charge a subscription.  Now it's unlikely people will see their articles.  Same goes for the authors who do charge a subscription - now no more people will be able to read their free articles.  There was a time I seriously considered becoming a contributor on your site.  Glad I didn't.  Will now cancel all RSS links to anything on Seeking Alpha - it's just a waste of time to read the headline then find out that ALL content now suddenly requires a subscription to Seeking Alpha, plus, a subscription on top of that to the authors that require a subscription.  (After a week of going thru this - I give up.  I had thought it these pop-ups, requiring a subscription to read basic info available many other places, were a mistake.  But apparently thy are not.  This a a gift to competing websites.)

seems to be working tonight


Not sure what has changed here in the last couple days but I have always been a basic subscriber with access to certain articles that did not have a premium subscription requirement. Starting this week articles which did not require a specific author purchased subscription now have a blocker screen indicating I have reached my free article limit. This article is an example: https://seekingalpha.com/article/4399030-3-dividends-to-buy-blue-wave-changes-everything  I have been a Basic subscriber for over two years and never received an article limit notification before this week.  Furthermore the Basic Subscription description of services does not state a limit on receiving free articles