Any idea why my post are suddenly being moderated ?/

gret 2 years ago in Mobile Web updated 11 months ago 7

They have a leftist moderator that you can talk trash on Trump or Republicans, but say anything bad about Biden even relevant to a stock and it is pulled.  Literally looking for a new forum.

I'm having the same problem.

Post Orange Man Bad and all will be approved.  That much is clear.  Let me know if you find a good stock forum out there that supports free speech please.


alright, they removed my moderation after emailing them. HATEFEEBAY, if you are still having problems i suggest you try emailing them directly. 


Thanks for the response.  I will message them, then I will look at redit if not removed.


I wasn't even posting about politics, I was pointing out factually wrong stats used by an author. The author reported me for being "dismissive" and deleted my comments, the moderation team just sent an email that my account is under moderation for violating their terms of use. if they don't remove it i'll prob just cancel my subscription and stick to reddit. Good luck.

me too

and the cowards never say why we are being moderated or whom we offended

and the great unknowns also don’t say for how long we are being moderated