Track comments missing from Blogs

smarkris 2 years ago in Website updated by scotch64 2 years ago 2

Went to select Track Comments on Blog article and selection was not available as it had been previously.  Is this purposeful?  Or bug?



@ smarkris , Same issue occurring here:...... @deercreekvols, No specific issues with the blog (you did ask for dm feedback regarding the new format ) I chose public to bring this specific issue to attention all.

If you go to SA wall street breakfast newest post , scroll down to where "sort by" option box ....to the right of it , are 3vertical dots , another option for track/untrack and expand all. What I am referring to is , on the newest formatted WSb blog ...the option to track/untrack is unavailable , only shows option to expand all.

I'll take this concern up with SA/support and thank you for your reply.

SA support team request investigation and provide direction. thank you .


A week later from prev. post inquiry no option to track/untrack (follow/unfollow) blog. ? where should I better direct these concerns to SA support team?