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What happened to the comments at the end of the articles?

coroscant72 3 years ago in Website updated 3 years ago 2

I'm currently unable to see comments at the end of articles even though just yesterday I was able to.  I've logged out and logged back in several times.  Obviously i'm able to log into my account as I could post this.  Any guidance you have on any actions I need to take or any changes made to the website that happened between yesterday and today that could affect how it's displayed would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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What article are you trying to view comments on? Can you post an example here? A screenshot of what you are seeing at the end of articles would also be very helpful. You can paste that right in here.



You can close this.  It had to do with some improperly applied update on my machine that has since been remedied.  I can see comments again.  I'm sorry for wasting your time.