Likes received count is wrong.

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The "Likes Received" total in my profile "Comments Stats" just lost 4,000. It was north of 9,000 and now shows about 5,000. 

Interestingly enough, doing a random sample of several other SA members also shows their likes received at about 5,000. That's probably not a coincidence. 

Please fix this. I want my full count back. Thanks.

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See link below of an arbitrarily chosen profile with a handful of comments. The "Likes Received" in "Comment Stats" shows over 5,000. Clicking on each comment will reveal the actual number is much lower and commensurate with what you would expect.

So the bug seems to be pegging the "Likes Received" at about 5,000 regardless of actual count.


It's still broken. After browsing many profiles almost all have an improper 5,000 count. But the link below shows a rare example of a profile with a reasonable "Likes Received" count. Hope this helps you fix the problem.