Comment quality is crashing

easyrob 5 years ago in Website updated 5 years ago 4

Comment quality has been deteriorating significantly on the website. Starting to tke on a yahoo feel.

Would it be possible to put up a notice on the homepage informing members of about the basics of informed and polite discussion of investment and business topics?

Maybe someone could be hired on to delete the worst of it sooner?

It is starting to take a long time to get through the un and mis-informed rancor.



I got a reply from someone at SA re the crashing quality but did not have time to answer when I read. Now the reply question is gone, and I don't remember the name of the SA person who posted the message. What Happened? Question was could I name specific articles. Pretty sure you already know 'cos I doubt you're not getting a pretty fair amount of feedback thru the abuse button.

Answer is: Look at some of Chris DeMuth , Heisenburg, Gary Gordon articles. and any title that has the word Trump in it, (altho the Trump word doesn't mean the comment stream has not degenerated into attacks.

If I get time I'll post some specific articles but I would think you can find them pretty easily and that you would send me a message that would not go poof after I read it. if i leave here this message will go poof so.......maybe do some finger work and let me know via regular PM if you need additional help. Thanks!

Hi Bob,

I replied to you by email, so please check your inbox.

Thanks for your reply Jeanne.....

oh and an article ian Bezek about Paul Krugman