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SA Eli Hoffmann 4 years ago updated by Goalkick9 2 years ago 25

Today I opened a number of website notifications one after the other by clicking on them in rapid succession. The first tab loaded fine. Subsequent tabs gave me the "robot" message.

Dear Mr. Hoffman: As an ardent follower of SA Contributor "Left Banker" I'd like to express my dismay at his apparent censorship. For me,this now leaves only two other Contributors that I follow closely/subscribe to and significantly less need to follow your site in general. I do not pretend to know or understand the causes of this disagreement,however,I will be watching closely to see if he resumes his publishing. Thank you very much for your attention to this matter.  

Mistapproach: Thank you for the note. Please know, he was not censored, and he is welcome to resume publishing with us. We remain in touch with him, and hope to resolve the situation amicably. 



Starting a couple days ago out of the blue started getting the click if your not a robot msg. Never in over 2 yrs!! Most annoying is the pics it wants you to click are so unclear its not always easy to answer/click as its asking. This situation is getting so absurd!!

We'll report it to tech. They sometimes tweak this process to keep out spammers. etc.


Yea, enough with the robot BS. Five different sets of images, really? I thought the emails were supposed to log one in (used to). Now all I get is the robot challenge. I was about to pay for the service but no way now. Too much of a PITA to unblock google script just so I can be insulted with two panels of buses and 3 panels of traffic lights. Ridiculous, I feel like a monkey,  click click click click click click click click.


May I ask why I have been censored for the past year? 100% of my posts go into a censorshipmode (delayed posting).


This censorship is making SA completely useless, as critical posts get dropped AND diminishes my desire to assist new investors.

Can anyone at SA tell me specifically why I'm being censored? (show me a post that violates your standards)

Per our moderation team, you have violated our community guidelines and therefore are in moderation. You should have received full information from them on this. 


I seem to get the "I am not a robot" prompt frequently when I open article notifications in new tabs or if I use the site rapidly in any way. Is there any way to get the robot prompt once when we login to verify that we are human or at least a lot less than we do now?


Hi, our tech team is looking into ways to minimize this issue. Thanks for your patience. 

This is completely useless cr*p ... I'm not robot!!! and it just annoying my me over and over again!!!!

At least if it would work, but NO!!!!! it does NOT!!!!

Pictures not possible to mark, it just vanished, sometimes it took over 1 minute to do clicking game till it is possible to mark any picture!!!!!

Please GET RID OF IT that sh*t!!!


When I started visiting this site, a few years ago, the articles involving macro economics and other topics were espousing viable concepts regarding economics, markets, and specific investment thesis.  Today, it is inundated with scare topics, nonsensical correlations with gloom and doom times, and useless nonsense clearly crafted to provide readers with the need to either engage in political diatribes, or, as in my case, refute the nonsense with some historical facts as opposed to cherry picking specific but uncorrelated factoids. In other words, clicking for dough.  The other motivating factor is to create fear from investors so as to promulgate professional guidance to help the poor scared investor navigate his way through the coming economic collapse.  Frankly, it is losing its relevance, and losing some excellent prior contributors. I humbly include  myself in that group.   

Thank you Lee for your feedback. We are working to diligently maintain a high level of article quality. Some Contributors complain we are being too strict in our guidelines and editing. We continue to strive for the correct balance while providing relevant articles for a diverse reader base.

Well, I would propose that contributing writers be prohibited from identifying their advisory firms on the article content or their name where the article appears.  Certainly, the writer can have info regarding any services he or she renders on their bio page.  In that way, a reader who is impressed with the articles content can click on the bio content and discover the services.  

I have just submitted a time sensitive article on AQMS -any chance I can get it reviewed and up?

The fire at the plant will be driving the SP for a few days.

I have links embedded - As the news hit last night I wrapped it up and uploaded. 

Cheers TTC

And of course everyone thinks their article is time sensitive - I am sure you see the humor.

Eli, So what is valid ID in your world? I am not sending a License or Passport with live data on it and hoping that the platforms you are using remain secure as updates are made over time.  I did send a faculty ID from a government institution - it has my name, picture, Faculty  and Site  on the front. Any chance that can be used? 



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I use the Brave browser and just today, this feature is making it impossible to use the website.  Every time I click on either my portfolio or dividends the "please click here to prove you are not a robot" pops up. I, then, go through a bunch captcha stuff and it sits on the page.  It's brand new today and is literally making it impossible to use the website with the Brave browser.  What a pain! 


This keeps coming up with a captcha although even when I finish the captcha the pages still do not come up and it just sits there

Mr. Hoffmann...

Please note the following post from SA article contributor Bret Jensen:

Bret Jensen ContributorPremiumMarketplace GuideComments22141 | FollowingAuthor’s reply » Definitely a very sick individual....doesn't even realize that Obama and Hillary were Alinsky followers....he really hasn't been the same since the state banned him from being within 500 yards of any playground.

That's your contributor... decorating your site with an accusation of child molestation.

Mr. Jensen's previous comments on your site over the years include the following:

"You must sit down to pee."

"You should embrace your bitch hood."

“How long has your boyfriend been happy to be the power top?”
"... like an adolescent girl with autism... absolutely ball less."

Isn't it about time you removed him from SA?

HI, please report the issue to moderation. Click on the specific comment's menu and choose "Report Abuse"

I did, sir, of course. But when one of your own article authors is this recurrently obscene, perhaps it is he, rather than merely just the comment, that should be deleted.

And the comment has NOT been deleted. 

I am thoroughly unimpressed with SA's responsiveness.



same problem, Mistaken as a robot.

Fed up with captcha nonsense - especially since inconclusive .

No time to waste. 

Deleted all SA messages for now

Fix it or get lost