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NVDA 4Q 2019 cash flow is duplcate of 4Q 2018

Random Logic 2 years ago in Website updated by SA Admin Daniel Hochman 2 years ago 6

The problem is not fixed.

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Thank you for pointing this out. It will be fixed as we migrate to a new data provider in the coming weeks.

How often is the seeking alpha data for portfolios updated?  Under profitability, it does not seem to change very often!

Not a bug

It depends on the data point. Some are updated daily and some (such as profitability) quarterly. 

Thanks Amitai Richman!  So profitability for 2018 should already be updated when I look at Gross Margins and cash flow and will be updated again in April 2019 for the first quarter.  Is it a floating 4 quarter average going forward to include 2019 first quarter?  

Yes it is floating/trailing. Expect to see updates within 24 (max 48) hours of quarterly reports. 

The issue will be fixed in 1-2 weeks when we move over to our new data provider.